First consultations can be done in person at Cannabis Care Clinic or by video using doxy.me. Allow 40 minutes for clinic appointments or up to 60 minutes for video consultations. Follow up consultations may be done in person or by phone or video; allow 20 minutes. Dr Gulbransen accepts patients with or without referral from their GP and encourages all patients to bring relevant medical notes. With patient permission, the usual GP is sent a report of the consultation and follow up.
Bookings & Enquiries: Please contact us  on 0274 222273 (you may be asked to leave a message), or email info@cbcare.nz, or fill in our contact form.
The Cannabis Care clinic is located at 97 St Lukes Rd, Sandringham, Auckland.

CBD THC Oil Dry Flower medical cannabis

  • Dr Graham Gulbransen is a Specialist General Practitioner with a Special Interest in Medicinal Cannabis
  • Dr Gulbransen will take you through the full consultation and follow up
  • He has 40 years’ experience in General Practice, so different treatment options will be discussed
  • He has 25 years’ experience in addiction medicine
  • He has been prescribing medicinal cannabis since March 2017
  • Patients are generally seen twice or more if appropriate

Dr Gulbransen CBD media reports

Dr Gulbransen was in good company with consumers, clinicians and scientists at the United in Compassion (UiC) 4 day Medicinal Cannabis Course Symposiums in June 2017 and March 2019. UiC's mission statement includes "Help us put the focus back on patients" and "when action meets compassion, lives can change". The Symposium also featured a documentary on medical marijuana (CBD Oil).

Dr Gulbransen CBD Oil Medical Marijuana resources

History of Medical Cannabis, CBD & THC

At Cannabis Care we prescribe medicinal cannabis (THC and CBD) products that have been verified by the Ministry of Health as meeting Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Sativex spray with balanced CBD and THC has been available since 2010. CBD oil has been available on prescription since 2017. Balanced CBD and THC oil as well as pure THC oil have been available since 2021.

From 2022 The Cannabis Care clinic is able to prescribe CBD herbal tea, noting that some patients will choose to vape this herb. The Ministry of Health has also verified dry flower containing 13.5% THC and 25% THC.

These dry flower products provide rapid relief for emotional distress like anxiety and/or depression, chronic pain and sleeping difficulties.

Dried flower CBD and THC may be more effective than CBD and THC oils because they contain the cannabis plant terpenes (essential oils). Terpenes are thought to be synergistic, improving the benefits of CBD and THC, known as the entourage effect.

cbd oil for pain relief & other conditions

Dr Graham Gulbransen is an experienced Specialist GP with a special interest in Cannabis CBD and THC, and Addiction Medicine.  Graham takes self-referrals and GP referrals for assessment. As a CBD and THC doctor who prescribes CBD oil, THC oil and dry flower (herbal medicinal cannabis) for chronic pain relief and other health conditions, he offers consultations in his Auckland Cannabis Care clinic and video consultations for patients throughout New Zealand.

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Use of Cannabis CBD & THC Research

Volunteers were sought for this cannabis research project. Associate Professor Fiona Hutton (Victoria University, Wellington) and Dr Geoff Noller (Otago University) invited anyone or their whanau/family member who had used illegal or prescription cannabis (CBD and THC) as medicine to answer an anonymous questionnaire.

Fiona Hutton is a criminologist at Victoria University of Wellington and Geoff Noller is a research fellow at Otago University Bioethics Centre, Dunedin.

We are interested in researching alcohol and other drug use, and drug policy.

What was the aim of the Cannabis Research project?

  • To examine the experiences of those who use or have used cannabis products for therapeutic purposes.
  • To explore the quality of cannabis products used. Also if participants have had their cannabis products tested or not, and if so, what the results were.
  • To examine the experiences of family members or partners of those using cannabis products for therapeutic purposes.

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